Spring Valley Dairy Ordering


Basic Help

  • Please ensure that cookies are enabled.
  • Your account number is the same that appears on all Spring Valley Dairy statements and invoices.
  • If you have lost, forgotten or need to change your password, please call our office and we will be able to assist you over the phone.
  • If you need to change the email adress that confirmations are sent to, please call our office and we will change your information as needed.
  • To cancel an order, click the "View Orders" tab and select your order. If we have not yet begun loading your order, the option to cancel will be visible in the bottom right hand corner of the page.
  • The products that appear on your order page are based on a custom template. To edit this template click the "Browse Products" tab.
  • You may place an order for any day, however delivery is only guaranteed on days that you have been previously scheduled for delivery on.
  • Products that we no longer carry will automatically be removed from your order template.